Highlights from Trey’s Photo Walk Across the USA

New York City

The Big Start!

We started with a BANG in New York City. What a crowd and what a sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge! This is also the same day we got our bus that would take us from city to city. Trivia: Guess who had the bus the day before us? Incubus! We made sure they washed the sheets…

Highlight Video

We had Ollie Dale along with us to grab footage from all 13 cities. These are all amazing… even more amazing, he was able to edit them while on a bouncy bus to the next city and get it published within 24 hours!

Thanks Again New York!

You guys were amazing… and you really put us in the right mood for the rest of the country. If we do this again, maybe we’ll END the photo tour in New York City and have some mega-party eh???

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My first time in Philly

Well, I was here once before, but I never really got to explore it. I spent the afternoon with Jared Polin where I did an INTERVIEW and then the late afternoon having Mexican Food and margaritas with my friend Luke. BTW, Luke does all the support for Stuck In Customs, and he is awesome! Here’s a LINK to the Live Facebook Video from that wacky late lunch!

Highlight Video

Wow what an awesome city! I feel bad that I was only there for less than a day! We were REALLY TOOOOOOoooOOO rushed as we went from city to city. By this point, I started to get pretty exhausted, and we realized that we over-scheduled ourselves! Oh well, too late at this point because it’s time for Washington DC in less than 24 hours!!

Another Trey!

See that guy in the blue shirt in the crowd? Well, he’s in there somewhere. Actually you can see him in the highlight video. Anyway, he actually named his son Trey after watching a lot of my tutorials! What the WHAT! Holy Moly I was honored… I hope one day he can also live on a bus.

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Washington D.C.

I love DC!

It seems like you can’t take a bad photo around here. I loved having the chance to go through everyone’s photos and see all the creativity and ideas from the crowd. It was a Massive Group that showed up and we had an amazing time. And how about that After-Party —I think only half of us remember it!

Highlight Video

This is a great video; one of my favorites! How do you like that cheeky product placement from the Ritz-Carlton on my daughter’s back! Haha, none of that was planned. They were a GREAT partner in this thing… we didn’t put that in there as some kind of a quid-pro-quo, but just thought it was super-cute. My daughters, of course, are IN LOVE with all these Ritz-Carltons we are so lucky to visit. Man, these girls are totally spoiled! In January 2016, I’m taking them to India to show them that MOST people don’t get room service and fluffy robes!

Thanks Again!

At the end of this night, we had another epic After-Party. I loved getting to spend some bonus time with people can glad you guys liked my little talk! That was fun! This was one of the only places we could not get the Four Frame people to set up because of complications, but it was still fun. And then after the After-party, there was an After-After-party on the bus with our mirrored ceiling that I don’t totally remember. I think my body was there, but my mind was somewhere in between! Anyway, here’s a picture that was taken at some point in the night!

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Wow I love Chicago

My wife and I used to come to Chicago a lot back when we worked for Andersen Consulting (now called Accenture) right after we got out of college. I’ve always loved this place. I also used to come here a lot in my mid-thirties when I had an AMAZING friend here named Michael Heisley. He has passed now, sadly, and I always now think of this as his city, the place he dwelled. Sometimes I feel bad because I feel like I disappointed him in some ways. No one ever wants to disappoint their friends, and now he has passed and I feel sad about it all. But it’s okay, I think he loved me anyway. WELL, beyond all that, I was SO happy to come back and take photos again.

Highlight Video

CHECK THIS OUT! This is one of my favorite videos of all! Ollie really killed it! Maybe because we had a 2-day bus trip to Nashville, and he has 48 hours instead of 24 to edit. Anyway, it’s mega awesome… check out that Quake circle-strafe around the fountain!

Great Crowd

Wow you guys were awesome! This was the Last City where my wife and three kids joined me. They got off the bus at this point to fly back to Dallas to spend time with the Grandparents. I’m glad they got to party with my good friend Fiona too while there! My youngest daughter, Scarlett, had already broken the #1 rule on our bus, no #2’s. So it’s probably a good idea they got off the bus at that point… it was getting a little smelly, and now, it’s all guys. We started to make some bad and awesome decisions. It was also great to see Frederick Van Johnson there and meet his son, who is somehow a TWIN of Fred! It reminds me of that side-story from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where Zaphod Beeblebrox is also his own grandson because of an accident with a time machine and a prophylactic.

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My first Nashville!

This was my first trip to Nashville! Early on in the planning, when Curtis and I laid out the USA map on the table like German generals, we were making red lines this way and that. He said we should skip Nashville, but I was like NO WAY DUDE WE’RE GOING! And then he acquiesced, like like Goebbels. Okay, bad example. But anyway, we made sure to spend an extra day just to make sure we got to visit this amazing place and see the incredible people that lived there!

Highlight Video

How cool is the guy playing the guitar? He’s the real deal… Wow, I loved the people in Nashville. I gotta get back!

Our Bus and our Nashville Friends!

Here’s the first photo of our party bus! We loved meeting all the people there… it was a little HOT for the pre-party, but it was great to see and connect with so many people there. The walk went great, and so did the After-party. I’ll remember the so many people I met there. Then there was an After-After-party that involved a lot of walking around and bar-crawling. We heard amazing music and at some point, I don’t really remember where we were, but I DO remember a general feeling of happiness and wonder! Thanks again Nashville! I’ll be back! :)

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Atlanta is Awesome

I lived in Atlanta for about two years with my wife right after college. We worked at CNN as part of Andersen Consulting, so we got to know the city pretty well. But when I went back, I realized I didn’t really know it at all! It was so different and awesome… even more awesome than I remembered!

Highlight Video

Wow Ollie gets some incredible footage with that DJI Phantom 3 eh? He’s fearless!

Our Crowd!

I met so many wonderful people there… I love my fellow Southern-folks! They’re so nice and open… Well, other than the Po-Po that made our peace-loving crowd leave Centennial Park. What’s up with that? You can’t take a group of friends to take photos of a pretty place? What’s the world coming to? Anyway, let’s stay positive… I’m coming back another time Atlanta! :)

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Oh God, Miami

This place was a blur. I’m not kidding you… so, we rolled up to the Ritz-Carlton on South Beach and stumbled off the bus. At this point, it’s completely feral. Six guys on the bus. We were SO BUSY we even flew in Jonatas from Brazil who works for us to help. Anyway, picture this… 9 AM, we stumble off the bus into the front door of the Ritz-Carlton. We open the door and wine/vodka bottle spill out all over the foyer. It’s mega embarrassing, but we’re too confused to notice what the hell is happening. They give us a room and then tell us CBS, and other news channels are showing up in a few hours. More below…

Highlight Video

I know I keep saying this, but THIS may be one of my favorite highlight videos. Wow, what a city… and SO many passionate photographers and nice people…

Food Trucks and Bus Fun!

I think it would be a great life if food trucks just followed me around! Anyway, speaking of food, back to the previous story! Right after we all managed to amble/stumble off the bus, there was a huge brunch waiting for us inside one of the Ritz-Carlton restaurants. They have an amazing chef there, and we had an incredible brunch right there overlooking the beach! Whoa! It’s like 11 AM, but apparently in South Beach, that’s when they start bringing you crazy beach cocktails. The rest of the day was a blur. I did like FOUR media interviews… even with a Spanish news station, which, of course, included more cocktails and food and then it was time to go to the Photo-Walk and meet amazing people. Wow, I’m honestly not even sure what the hell happened down there, but I have happy memories again. You’re starting to get the idea here of some kind of dangerous rhythm…!

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This is the city where I was born and where I grew up! It’s changed so much, and so have I! It’s kind of interesting to watch a city change while you, yourself, change… I don’t want to get too deep here, but it is kinda interesting! Anyway, see this photo? We got in MASSIVE TROUBLE for this, and we didn’t even do anything wrong! I guess the people that run this park downtown don’t allow fire dancers or whatever. Well, I had no idea! Towards the end of the Photo-Walk, I had two people walk up to me and say they were gonna do some fire dancing and stuff for us. I said, “Okay Awesome!” None of it was planned or anything. ANYWAY, they went on to give us an amazing performance, and we got epic photos… After the whole thing was done, my right-hand man, Curtis, was chewed out for this spectacle! Haha! Oh well…

Highlight Video

How awesome is Dallas? What a great crowd… I got to see A LOT of old friends since I know people from around Dallas. My dad could not make it since he’s sadly not in the best of health, but I got to see him briefly at lunch. And then at lunch I, ME, had to leave because I also was not in the best of health! Anyway, I was somehow able to rally and make it to the Photo-Walk!

Awesome Dallas!

I think we actually got lucky because it could have been so much hotter! But it was just lovely the whole time. I did choose to stand in the shade during the 2-hour pre-party. How awesome was that post-party at the Ritz-Carlton!?! We all walked in to be greeted by about 20 masseuses waiting to give us foot massages! And there was a guacamole station with seven kinds of GWAC and a fish-taco-station, drinks, desserts, and more. I never wanted to leave. At some point, I remembered I had to give an actual speech, so I ambled through that, did a Q&A, then jumped on the bus to hit San Antonio!

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San Antonio

Before this photo

We stopped off my other adopted hometown of Austin to have some BBQ at the Salt Lick in Round Rock. Wow was it good. Look, by this point, it’s been six dudes on a bus, and we’re generally making terrible food and drink decisions. So the idea that we actually pulled into a proper restaurant to have good old fashioned Texas BBQ was a Big Deal. OMG, we were in heaven… then we were fully pumped up to hit San Antonio later that evening… little did we think we’d see this amazing projectile display on the left!

Highlight Video

What a great crowd. Wow, this was fun… I had a lot of old friends from Austin including The Great Gino come down from Austin to join us. And how cute is that model gal? She’s avail for hire if you guys are ever looking for a model ‘round those parts!

There’s Milton!

Right above me in this photo is my friend Milton! He came out to New Zealand to join me on one of my photo adventures out here. We don’t’ do many of those, but it’s always great to reconnect with people like Milton after a few years and see how everything is going! And I LOVED the After-Party that night… I remember sitting down on the stage at one point and Gettin’ Real with everyone… such fun! :)

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On the Road to Phoenix

I think this was the only time we had three days between cities… so we actually got a little bit of sleep! We also had a few side-photo missions to White Sands National Park, and we even went to go spend the night in the RItz-Carlton Dove Mountain. That was a treat. There was a lot of eating and drinking and pool time there! We hit an amazing natural spring one morning. We basically stumbled off the bus and dove right into this amazing freshwater lake. Oh man, that was great. And that cool water was kind of the Complete Opposite of the heat from Phoenix. HOLY MOLY it was hot. But I was also amazed so many people actually showed up in the heat for the walk!

Highlight Video

This is yet another great highlight video from the Amazing Ollie! I love that aerial footage so much… there was a partner group out from DJI too, so we got extra great footage!

Fun at the bus!

I wish I could get everyone on that bus to see how awesome it was inside. We did a few live broadcasts from inside, but I don’t think they came out that great. As for the Photo Walk, thanks for coming up to me and asking me so many good questions. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed those times I would jump up on my gimp box and give tips & tricks! :)

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Los Angeles

Girls on the Beach!

Yeah, we ended up accidentally causing a bit of a controversy on the beach here! At one point, we had hundreds of photographers walk up on a bunch of Asian girls in cosplay. We started taking photos like crazy until we realized it was another dude’s photo shoot! Once we found that out, we all moved along, but it was really funny and crazy while it lasted!

Highlight Video

After watching this, who wouldn’t want to come out to LA and take photos along the beach? After watching this for the 10th time, I can’t wait to get back!!

An Arcanum-Laden Crowd

Other than San Francisco, this was our most Arcanum heavy crowd. Not only did we have a ton of Masters, but we also had a bunch of Apprentices. It was really nice to meet a lot of these people in person for the first time, and they were just as awesome as I imagined! :)

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Burning Man

She Breathes

Here’s one of my favorite art pieces from Burning Man. When you got close to her, you could actually see her chest moving up and down as she inhaled and exhaled.

Highlight Video

This is kind of a different video for a different-kind-of Photo-Walk. As opposed to the others, this was not shot by Ollie, but by a few different people but principally by George Krieger. Thanks, George! :)

My Kinda People

Hello my Burning Man friends… this walk gets bigger every year… I was so happy to see so many friends. I missed my man John Chandler, but I happened to see him on the FINAL night as the Temple burned… wow, I love my Burning Man friends so much… I’m sure it sounds strange if you don’t go, but the people there know what I mean!

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San Francisco

The Last City on the Tour

Wow 13 cities! I’m not gonna lie… it was Absolutely Exhausting. No one has ever done anything like this before, and we TOTALLY overscheduled ourselves. I was honestly on my last legs… but I had enough energy to Keep the Party Going for one more cities, and one of my favorites: San Francisco.

Highlight Video

Here’s the final highlight video… I hope you get to see yourselves somewhere in here! Thanks again to George Krieger and Marcus Marchesseault for the video footage!

I left my Heart in SF!

WOW it was SO incredible to see old friends AND to make new friends! It seems like the right people show up at the right time, eh? I really enjoyed everything from the pre-party to the Unofficial After-Party, the official After-Party, and I think there was another After-After-Party mixed in there somewhere! But it was all wonderful, and I can’t wait to come back and do it all again. If we do this photo-tour in the USA again, and I have a feeling that we will, San Fran, you know you’ll be on the list!

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